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Hi, it’s Garry from choice, the magazine of professional coaching & Marcy from The Coaching Toys Store, here to WELCOME you to 3rd annual The Heart of Coaching GiveAway! This is our Valentine’s celebration of YOU, our community of coaches, counselors and all around change agents. We want to say thank you for the work you do, the ripples you create and the lives you touch. What better way than to shower you with gifts?

We’ve invited leaders in the field we respect and admire to participate, and they’ve been amazingly generous. You’ll find tools you can use with clients, essential tips for growing your business and powerful processes for developing yourself. Many of our contributors are doing truly cutting edge work. AND in true ‘Coach’ style the gifts reflect a blend of ‘Doing’ and ‘Being’.

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PLUS you are automatically entered to win an awesome prize! One lucky person will win: a FULL Summit Pass to the 2019 WBECS Narrative Coach Enhanced Program by Dr. David Drake. This program is starting on April 29th and will be valued at $1997.

Narrative Coaching allows you to uncover, understand, and change what truly drives human behavior through the process of listening to and understanding triggers.

It’s so easy! All you have to do is click below to enter your name and email below to get access to all the amazing gifts we have gathered for you.

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Terri Hase ~ Impact Coaching Academy
Margie Beiswanger
Dr. Kim Redman
Karen Cappello
Laura West
Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland
Kendall Summerhawk
Ursula Pottinga / Ann Betz
Kate Michels
Jennifer Britton
Shellie Deloyer
Lesa Townsend
Leza Danly & Jeanine Mancusi
Kimberly Periera & Shannon Pole
Andrea Cinnamond
Marcy Nelson-Garrison
Rick Tamlyn
Kim Clausen
Laurie Dupar
Kelly Epperson
Cornelia Ward
Iman Aghay
Ursula Pottinga
Garry Schleifer

We have loads of awesome gifts waiting for you, from business building strategies through processes you can use with clients, checklists, scripts, exercises, how tos and more. All of them are available immediately.

How many gifts can I sign up for? You can sign up for as many of the gifts as you want. We recommend you grab all of them – although each gift has its own sign-up button so you get to choose!

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Will I get marketed to?

Know that you won’t get any sales offers from anyone during the event. While you are signing up for their newsletter, we have chosen our partners carefully. We’re introducing you to coaching professionals who are committed to provide value and facilitate your success.