Welcome to the Heart of Coaching Giveaway

Oh No…you missed the Giveaway event. It ended at midnight on February 24.

We offer it once a year, so be on the lookout for it in 2025.

Be Our Valentine

Hi, it’s Marcy Nelson-Garrison from The Coaching Toys Store here to WELCOME you to the 8th Annual Heart of Coaching Giveaway!

This is a Valentine’s celebration of YOU, our community of coaches, counselors, and all-around change agents. We want to say thank you for the work you do, the ripples you create, and the lives you touch. What better way than to shower you with gifts?

The gifts this year are absolutely INSPIRED!  They will help you stand out, get more clients, have a greater impact, and change more lives!

Simply enter your name and email via the sign-up button below to see all the amazing gifts you can get access to.

Sneak Peek at some of the awesome gifts
  • Fierce Self-Kindness Mini-Workbook

  • Attracting High-End Clients Workshop Series

  • Launch Your Group Checklist

  • Instant Money Relief

  • The Structured Write: Pain to Possibility in 15 Minutes

  • Script Your New Money Story

  • The Visibility Power Up

  • From Blocks to Breakthroughs

  • Signature Program Template

  • 4-Steps to Uncovering Your Priorities

  • Ready. Set. LEAP!

  • Soul Code Life Purpose Assessment

  • Make BIG Money from SMALL Lists

  • Coaching Demo-Clear Beliefs Method

  • The Essential Guide To Your Clients Brains

Wow! Check out our amazing contributors
Karen Cappello
Eva Gregory
Eva Gregory
Laurie Dupar
Anne Gordon
Lynda Monk
Michelle Kopper
Julia Stege
Jennifer Britton
Emma Louise Elsey
James Lam
James Lam
Lion Goodman
Ann Betz & Ursula Pottinga
Ann Betz & Ursula Pottinga
Tammy Lane
Kay Adams
Barbara Birsinger
Barbara Birsinger
Michelle Schubnel
Laura West
Georgette Star
Cindy Schulson
Cindy Schulson
Heidi Fishbein
Heidi Fishbein
Sharon Duncan
Marcy Nelson-Garrison

The team at the Coaching Toys Store loves hosting The Heart of Coaching Giveaway each year and sponsoring the grand prize. Welcome to our community!

Here’s what you could win in the Grand Prize drawing!

10K in 10 Days Intensive ($1000 value)
A 30-day money-making intensive that shows you how to stop working your butt off for chump change and start bringing in the big buckaroos… any time you want. Donated by Jeanna Gabellini

A Gift Certificate to the Coaching Toys Store ($100 value)
Find over 250 creative tools for workshops, training, team-building events, retreats, and 1:1 work with clients. Donated by Marcy Nelson-Garrison

How it works

We have loads of awesome gifts waiting for you, from business-building strategies to deep dive processes you can use with clients right away. You will find checklists, scripts, exercises, how tos and more.  You’re going to want all of them!

How many gifts can I sign up for? You can sign up for as many of the gifts as you want. We recommend you grab all of them. Each gift has its own sign-up button so you get to choose!

Will I get marketed to? You won’t get any sales offers from anyone during the event. While you are signing up for our contributor’s email lists to receive the gift, we’re introducing you to coaching professionals who are committed to providing value and facilitating your success.

Can I share this with others? Absolutely. The more the merrier!

Oh No…you missed the Giveaway event. It ended at midnight on February 24.

We offer it once a year, so be on the lookout for it in 2025.