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Garry Schleifer
Garry Schleifer

Hi, it’s Marcy from The Coaching Toys Store & Garry from choice, the magazine of professional coaching here to WELCOME you to the 5th annual Heart of Coaching GiveAway! This is our Valentine’s celebration of YOU, our community of coaches, counselors, and all-around change agents. We want to say thank you for the work you do, the ripples you create, and the lives you touch. What better way than to shower you with gifts?

This has become the coaching industry’s hottest giveaway event. No matter what questions and aspirations you have, this is the place to get all kinds of answers, ideas, how to’s, inspired processes, and more, All free.

Simply enter your name and email in the form below to get immediate access to all the amazing gifts we have gathered for you.

Sneak Peek at some of the awesome gifts
  • Rocking Virtual Events

  • Meaningful, Effective Intentions

  • Virtual Retreats

  • Group Coaching Checklist

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Accelerating Joy

  • Neuroscience for Coaches

  • Writing To Attract Clients

  • Gratitude Journaling

  • 'Make It Irresistible' Playbook

Wow! Check out our amazing contributors
Karen Cappello
Sandra Clark
Eva Gregory
Eva Gregory
Alicia Forest
Stacey Mayo
WendyY Bailey
WendyY Bailey
Lynda Monk
Laura West
Dr. Gary Salyer
Andrea Cinnamond
Sam Getty
Sam Getty
Cindy Schulson
Jeanette Ortega
Lynette Chandler
Anne Gordon
Nkiru Asika
Georgette Star MA, D.Min
Kendall Summerhawk
James Lam
Eva Gregory
Lion Goodman
Christine Bennet-Clark
Debbie Allen
Ann Betz & Ursula Pottinga
Ann Betz & Ursula Pottinga
Ursula Pottinga
Ursula Pottinga
Barbara Birsinger
Linda Claire Puig

How it works

We have loads of awesome gifts waiting for you, from business building strategies through processes you can use with clients, checklists, scripts, exercises, how tos and more. All of them are available immediately.

How many gifts can I sign up for? You can sign up for as many of the gifts as you want. We recommend you grab all of them – although each gift has its own sign-up button so you get to choose!

Will I get marketed to? Know that you won’t get any sales offers from anyone during the event. While you are signing up for their newsletter, we have chosen our partners carefully. We’re introducing you to coaching professionals who are committed to provide value and facilitate your success.

Can I share this with others? Absolutely. The more the merrier!

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