Anne Gordon

Are you dreaming of leading retreats? Does the fear of not being able to fill it and losing money, or even having to cancel stop you from moving forward.
In this report you will get proven to work Top 10 Strategies to Fill your Retreats with ease. You will never have to worry about filling your retreats again. When you implement these tips your retreats are guaranteed to be sold out and you will make a very nice profit every time.

Steve Werner

This blueprint flips the script of bad, boring webinars on its head and reveals

1) The biggest mistake people make with their power point slides (based on a HARVARD STUDY) and how to easily avoid it – saving you a ton of time.

2) The powerful NLP technique that overcomes your audience’s deep seeded objections BEFORE they know they exist (Tony Robbins built his career on this)

3) The super simple follow up email framework that brought in more sales in the 5 days following the live webinar than were made during the live presentation.

Plus, check out our awesome bonus!

Gillian Windsor

Being a coach and business owner is one of the most significant personal growth workshops you’ll ever attend. (Well, that and being a parent!) It can be demanding and often overwhelming, stirring up many negative thoughts and feelings. That’s why I created the Self-Love Infusion Program to transform negativity into positive nurturing energy. Each day you will receive a new Self-Love Infusion practice you can use immediately to regain your confidence and well-being.

Georgette Star MA, D.Min

The Higher Self Alignment and Daily Transcendence Practice Tool provides a structure for a daily practice so you can start your day fresh and tuned in for increased creativity, focus, and productivity.

It’s comprised of the four virtual “cards images” that represent of the four essential components of a Higher Self Alignment and Daily Transcendence Practice Tool”, a guided practice audio, and downloadable Higher Self Daily To Do Planner one for you and one for you if you are a practitioner, coach or healer … everything you need to shift your energy, set intention, and access your SOUL aligned “To Do” list for the day!

Wendy Petties, The Date Your Money Coach

Are you costing yourself money by not knowing your PA$$ION? Not really sure how to even go about discovering what your passion IS?
Well… I can help.
In just 5 days, in this video training, you can start on the journey of discovering how to TRULY find your pa$$ion and then build your life (and your money) around it.

Michelle Kopper

Want to Make Inspired Videos to Attract Clients, Build Your Audience, and Make Your Impact? Download the Fast Video Formula to discover how to make fearless, high-value videos that connect and engage to attract more clients and make the difference you’re here to make by being more YOU! (Even if being on camera gives you jitters or that “deer in the headlights” feeling…) The quick implementation videos will help you put the Fast Video Formula quickly up to speed with your videos so that you can share your message 24/7 with all the essential elements that will ensure your videos so that you can share your message 24/7 with all the essential elements that will ensure your videos increase your client enrollment and income!

Mark Hollenstein

Raise your frequency faster than you ever knew possible. All you have to do is watch a powerful seven minute video embedded with “light codes” that activate your DNA simply by looking at the images. I KNOW! It sounds way too easy and just to good to be true…that’s exactly why you have to try it and experience it for yourself! This channeled gift from the Masters Of Light brought through energy intuitive and Master Healer- Mark Hollenstein will guide you to instantly & easily activate dormant DNA to raise your frequency and open you to new energy and awareness.

Jennifer Britton

With team coaching growing in size and volume, what’s at the heart of it? This year Coach and From One to Many Author Jennifer Britton explores the heart of team coaching in the virtual, remote and hybrid space. This resource covers 3 core areas at the heart of team coaching – Engagement, Motivation and Support. Download this resource-rich guide which you can use right away for your own team (and group) engagements.

Pam Boney & Sam Getty

Are you a Cross Pollinator, Master Mind, Change Catalyst, or Quiet Genius?

We created the True Tilt Profile to help individuals throughout organizations quickly rise above the inefficiency, destructive leadership, drama, politics, lack of accountability, scapegoating, and other annoyances present in many workplaces by using their preferred strengths more effectively.

The True Tilt Profile will help you and your teams discover yourself and your preferred character strengths in a positive, conversational, easy-to-use way.

Michelle Schubnel

The best way to increase your impact and income as a coach, while still having plenty of free time, is through group coaching. Take the guesswork out of creating and launching your own profitable and rewarding coaching group with this helpful master checklist and video training from Group Coaching Expert Michelle Schubnel. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, when you download this detailed checklist you’ll discover exactly what you need to have in place to confidently design, market, fill and deliver successful group coaching programs that your ideal clients can’t resist.