Anne Gordon

Dive into discovery with the dolphins and whales to find out how you have live a life filled with joy, more play, the ability to easily surf through challenges, go with the flow, no matter what, open up to the natural state of abundance, embrace living in true unity/community and pure unconditional love just as the dolphins and whales do every single day.

Tammy Lane

What if creating your gorgeous, designer sales funnel could be MUCH simpler, quicker, and a whole lot more fun… without forking out the $10,000+ “done-for-you” price tag?  You will be able to expedite the funnel creation process with The ULTIMATE Video Sales Funnel Toolkit! You’ll get all the copy & design assets you need for a gorgeous designer video sales funnel… FREE!
Done-for-You, Pre-Written, Fill-in-the-Blank Copy Templates
Funnel Maps & Easy-to-use Templates (so you know exactly what pages & elements you need to make the most sales) Professionally Designed Funnel Design Kits…and more.

Lion Goodman, PCC

Watch Lion Goodman, a world class Therapeutic Coach, conduct two transformational client sessions using the Clear Beliefs Method. This method is now used by hundreds of coaches in 45 countries to transform their clients from the inside out. You’ll see him demonstrate 4 of the 20 methods taught at the Clear Beliefs Institute for clearing limiting and negative beliefs, healing childhood wounds, and resolving traumas from the past – completely and permanently. Learn how you can apply these same techniques with your clients to produce deep internal shifts that awaken and empower them – which is what they really want.

Laura West

Free ticket to Write your NEW Money Story Scripting workshop! Open up more abundance, opportunities, clients, and visibility for your purposeful SoulWork.
We’ll activate new money stories, a new money identity and amplify your receiving energy! This is a creative, fun, and powerful workshop designed to help you discover the vision for your next level of money expansion and claim your place as an empowered, confident, and authentic Creative Thought Leader. We’ll transform disempowering beliefs that are holding you back with Wisdom Energetics healing so you can truly open up to the Universal Abundance Current in your business and life!

Sharon Duncan

Wave goodbye to worry-filled, sleepless nights with the Instant Money Relief… in 15 minutes or less. You’ll get step-by-step guidance to shrink your money stress down to zero. Hit that ‘Play’ button and start your journey towards more inner peace, a fatter wallet and a life filled with more smiles and less worry!

Lynda Monk

If you’ve ever been blocked and unable to complete creative work, this is the inspiration you need, for yourself and your creative clients. Discover 5 common obstacles that can get in the way of completing creative work and the power of using the right journaling prompts to explore and overcome those obstacles. Included are 25 obstacle busting prompts to keep your creativity and your client’s creativity flowing.  The world needs our creative gifts and the inspiration they bring!

Michelle Schubnel

Take the guesswork out of creating and launching your own profitable and rewarding coaching groups with this helpful master checklist and video training from Group Coaching Expert Michelle Schubnel.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel… Instead, this detailed checklist and practical video training outlines exactly what you need to have in place to confidently design, market, fill and deliver successful group coaching programs that your ideal clients can’t resist.

Dr. Barbara Birsinger

The “Real-Time Quick Decoding Process” Video Demo – Shows you how to redirect any unwanted behavior in its tracks, in Real-Time. Imagine your clients intervening at the precise moment when they are about to engage in a detrimental or unwanted behavior, be it a craving, a reach for unhealthy habits, or a resistance to adopting healthier alternatives. It’s a breakthrough moment! The Real-Time Quick Decoding Process follows a structured 4-step template that can be seamlessly integrated into your clients’ daily life. It creates a swift shift (tongue twister!) in their trajectory, resulting in lifelong behavioral transformation. Expect remarkable results.

Georgette Star

A powerful tool for you to access the “Soul Code of Life Purpose” (for yourself and your clients). It includes a beautiful 83-page eBook to deepen your understanding. It will help you….
Tune in to the authenticity of who you (and your clients) are and why you are here.  Recognize your deepest sources of motivation and confidence. Align more consciously with your “Life Purpose Archetype” for increased clarity and fulfillment. And more! It will help you empower yourself and your clients to make the best, most informed choices in life based on the Soul Code of their Life Purpose.

Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Epic leaps rekindle passion, energize all aspects of your business and are essential if you want to attract more clients, create new offers and have a greater impact. Lets make your epic leap easier, less scary and wildly successful. Discover the 4 roadblocks to success and what to do instead!

It’s time to step into your wild, unapologetic, true-self and open up new possibilities! Here’s to your successful LEAP!