Erika Bill Peter

Are you a Cross Pollinator, Master Mind, Change Catalyst, or Quiet Genius?

We created the True Tilt Profile to help individuals throughout organizations quickly rise above the inefficiency, destructive leadership, drama, politics, lack of accountability, scapegoating, and other annoyances present in many workplaces by using their preferred strengths more effectively.

The True Tilt Profile will help you discover yourself and your preferred character strengths in a positive, conversational, easy-to-use way. Tilt 365 model can help you understand, appreciate, and strengthen your true self from the inside out.

Get started today by discovering your True Tilt!

Laura West

Free Success Scripting Workshop!  LIVE & hands-on! For creatives and entrepreneurs who are ready to powerfully claim your wildly successful business and life! Let go of resistance and step into and owning your expansion and success. You’ll create a powerful image of you joyfully creating success – attracting the perfect clients, making amazing money, being recognized as a leader in your industry, having heart-centered, loving relationships and vibrant energy…and so much more! This process activates the inner powers of attraction along with the unseen forces to support you. The universe will orchestrate amazing opportunities, more clients and fresh sources of money.

Nina Cooke

Join me for an advanced mindset training, “FEARLESS Business Mindset”, where I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal EVERYTHING about how to create a Fearless Business Mindset.
By the end of this program you will:
– Become your own Mindset Coach so that you can create strong self-belief to reach the next levels of success in your business
– Identify and permanently dissolve your strongest Limiting Beliefs, and plant new powerful beliefs to maintain consistent growth
– Use your new Super Powers to create significantly more success and abundance

Dr. Barbara Birsinger

Help clients decode and revise – in one session – their limiting beliefs, unwanted behaviors, and identity “hijacks” (identifying with what they want to change), as well as unmet needs, desired feelings and spiritual longings. Expect client “Ah-Ha!” moments, inspiration, motivation and sustainable Self-care solutions – uniquely their own – and rapid, lasting transformation. Proven processes experienced in an interactive e-book.

Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Micro-Content is HOT because it makes building your authority and a following on social media platforms so much easier! This step-by-step-workbook will have you creating your own micro-content with a clear vision, speed and creativity. You will definitely grab the attention of your ideal clients! You’ll learn how to find micro-content in work you’ve already done and how to turn it into eye-catching, client-attracting social media mastery. You are going to discover that you are way more of an ‘authority’ than you have given yourself credit for and your ideal clients are waiting for you. Unleash your creativity!

Eric Maisel

Spend a weekend in the embrace of your writing while learning important lessons that will sustain you as a writer. The Deep Writing Self-Paced Weekend Workshop PDF provides you with all the instructions you would get at a facilitated weekend workshop. These lessons will help you create a strong writing practice and provide you with the tools you need to meet the challenges of the writing life. And you will get a lot of writing done!

Kathleen Adams

What if you had tried-and-true strategies to help stuck, scared or scattered clients bust through overwhelm and shift outlook, mood, focus or flow — all in a handful of minutes? In this special report by a global expert in journal therapy, you’ll discover seven simple expressive writing techniques to help your clients reclaim everyday decisiveness, shift from stuckness to success, tap into spiritual strength, activate inner resources, jump time to a successful future — and more! Help your clients shift chaos into calm, anxiety into action and vulnerability into victory with this breakthrough e-book.

Linda Claire Puig

No more slaving away, trying to write articles from scratch! Stay in front of your audience with relationship-building Ready2Go Articles — without having to write them all yourself! Opt in to get 3 free professionally written articles to customize and use as your own PLUS the Keep-in-Touch Planner to strategically plan your email nurturing and offers for the whole year. Staying in touch with your audience becomes effortless with Ready2Go Articles. Just download the articles, modify them however you wish and publish. Easy peasy! (Total value: $200+)

Michelle Schubnel

The best way to increase your impact and income as a coach, while still having plenty of free time, is through group coaching. Take the guesswork out of creating and launching your own profitable and rewarding coaching groups with this helpful master checklist and video training from Group Coaching Expert Michelle Schubnel. You’ll discover exactly what you need to confidently design, market, fill and deliver successful group coaching programs that your ideal clients can’t resist. PLUS, when you opt-in for the checklist you’ll be entered into a drawing to win free enrollment in Michelle’s 2023 Group Coaching Success Bootcamp!

Janet Harvey – inviteCHANGE

Today’s language separates us more than it connects us. The future has arrived—and it demands a new, fluid, and inclusive language where everyone belongs. This language is called the language of Archetypes.

Download the Archetypes at Work™ Self-Inventory to begin learning the language of archetypes while you discover your favorite and least favorite archetypes.

Explore how you are expressing these energies personally and professionally. What would you tune up or tune down to access all of them fluidly to match any situation?