Find answers to the most common questions right here.

Q: How many gifts can I sign up for?

A: You can sign up for as many as you want! Really. We’ve seen the gifts and recommend that you grab all of them! There’s an amazing collection of wisdom and expertise here so even if it’s something you don’t need in this moment, it might be really useful down the road. For your convenience,  each gift has its own sign-up button, so you get to choose!

Q: Who are the gifts designed for? Will I get benefit?

If you are a coach, counselor, consultant, trainer or related service-based professional these gifts are custom designed for you. You’ll find tools you can use with clients, essential tips for growing your business and powerful processes for developing yourself. Many of our contributors are doing truly cutting edge work. AND in true ‘Coach’ style the gifts reflect a blend of ‘Doing’ and ‘Being’.

Q: Will I get marketed to?

A: NO! You won’t get any marketing or sales offers from our partners during the event. We have chosen our partners carefully. While you are signing up for their mailing lists, we are introducing you to coaching professionals who are committed to providing value, facilitating your success and building meaningful relationships. They are committed to building a relationship with you and a gift is a great way to start that relationship.

Q: Can I share this GiveAway with others?

A: Absolutely! The more the merrier. To share the giveaway, be sure to give them this link: https://theheartofcoachinggiveaway.com/ on social media, in an email, your newsletter and with your colleagues.

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