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Garry Schleifer
Garry Schleifer

Awesome! You made it – you are going to LOVE these gifts!

We are getting you started with two great gifts from your hosts Marcy & Garry and then scroll on down to get all of the rest of your gifts.
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Your Gifts from your hosts, Marcy & Garry!

Image Prompts ‘light’ collection & Inviting Big Breakthroughs’ Online Course

Generously gifted by: Marcy Nelson-Garrison

This combo will take your Zoom coaching to a whole new level. The Image Prompts ‘Light’ Theme Collection is easy to use and gives you a versatile right-brain, creative way to; break the ice, shift perspective, initiate a discussion, debrief an experience and more. Pair the image with an open ended question and watch as the process elicits new awareness and provides powerful openings for coaching. The possibilities are endless. Plus: Inviting BIG Breakthroughs: A 3-part online course to help you understand and use right-brain processes effectively for powerful results. Get ready to WOW your clients!

The Ultimate Writers Success Kit

Generously gifted by: Garry Schleifer

The Ultimate Writers Success Kit Writing can be a powerful avenue to attract clients, get more revenue, and ultimately have the business of your dreams. In this kit, you will learn… Secrets to getting more clients through writing Identify the writing style that will speak directly to your clients Best places to get published to be seen by your ideal clients Grab this collaboration of best practices to support the who, what, where, and why of writing. Everything you need to fully understand your writing style, get past that first blank page, get published…and easily grow your business through writing!

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