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Awesome! You made it . You are going to LOVE these gifts! Get started with a great gift from your host Marcy Nelson-Garrison Plus a reminder about the Grand Prize Drawing. Then scroll on down to get all of the rest of your gifts!

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Micro-Content Creation Workbook

Generously gifted by: Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Micro-Content is HOT because it makes building your authority and a following on social media platforms so much easier! This step-by-step-workbook will have you creating your own micro-content with a clear vision, speed and creativity. You will definitely grab the attention of your ideal clients! You’ll learn how to find micro-content in work you’ve already done and how to turn it into eye-catching, client-attracting social media mastery. You are going to discover that you are way more of an ‘authority’ than you have given yourself credit for and your ideal clients are waiting for you. Unleash your creativity!

The Grand Prize! Drawing Feb. 20

A Ticket to The Green Light Event ($247 value)
A life changing 3-day LIVE, full immersion, transformational experience, that finally solves your success struggle. Donated by Rick Tamlyn
A Ticket to 10K in 10 Days Live ($1000 value)
A 30-day money-making intensive that shows you how to stop working your butt off for chump change and start bringing in the big buckaroos… any time you want. Donated by Jeanna Gabellini
$100 Gift Certificate to the Coaching Toys Store.
Donated by Marcy Nelson-Garrison

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