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Awesome! You made it . You are going to LOVE these gifts! Get started with a great gift from your host Marcy Nelson-Garrison Plus a reminder about the Grand Prize Drawing. Then scroll on down to get all of the rest of your gifts!

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Ready, Set, Leap!

Generously gifted by Marcy Nelson-Garrison.

Epic leaps rekindle passion, energize all aspects of your business, and are essential if you want to attract more clients, create new offers, and have a greater impact. Let’s make your epic leap easier, less scary, and wildly successful. Discover the 4 roadblocks to success and what to do instead! It’s time to step into your wild, unapologetic, true self and open up new possibilities! Here’s to your successful LEAP!

The Grand Prize! Drawing Feb. 26

10K in 10 Days Intensive ($1000 value)
A 30-day money-making intensive that shows you how to stop working your butt off for chump change and start bringing in the big buckaroos… any time you want. Donated by Jeanna Gabellini

A Gift Certificate to the Coaching Toys Store ($100 value)
Find over 250 creative tools for workshops, training, team-building events, retreats, and 1:1 work with clients. Donated by Marcy Nelson-Garrison

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